I have attempted to this before, and perhaps you have too. Unfortunately, I love information. However, information is also distracting and time consuming. I have recently finished reading “The Alchemist” and I am an hour away from finishing Brida; both are amazing books by Paulo Coelho. This is a link to his official website. Not since Richard Bach’s ILLUSIONS, has a book or an author had such an impact on me.

I have been hooked. In his honor, I have taken to UNSUBSCRIBING to emails. This has been a difficult process. While I immediately delete or file, many of these messages, without reading them, it still felt like I was letting someone down by letting go. However, it continues to get easier and I enjoy having a lightened inbox.

I give the Credit to Paulo Coelho because in his Book BRIDA a character named Wicca instructs her student Brida to get rid of any clothes she does not wear, or start wearing all of them because everything in her wardrobe contains energy; and anything she does not wear is taking away from her overall energy capacity. I plan on getting rid of good amount of clothes soon too, but for now, I have taken to un-subscribing to email lists that zap my energy.

I encourage everyone to do the same and leave a comment on how this has left you with more time or if you feel less in touch by letting these tidbits go. As I said I have really struggled with this, but even after only a few days I am already feeling less “busy” and more in charge of my own destiny. Please share!

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