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Drum Roll . . .

Number 6 If you do not know how to properly use the word “adage-g” in a sentence, and you are not interested in learning how, this course may not be for you.

Number 5 You are not ready to face your own inner “Punk” – this is an investment. Why buy into it if you aren’t willing to cash the check on your own soul?

Number 4 You are offended by “dirty-words” – yep there in there. Fortunately for me, I don’t notice them, it took my wife’s mentioning it to me.

Number 3 You think even dialogue should be pitch shifted to sound like T-Pain and your offended by unedited audio

Number 2. Your attention span can’t get past a 3 item list; forget about 5! – this program is packed with hours of great information

And the number 1 reason you should NOT buy Question the Rules . . .  You want to be spoon fed a cookie-cutter get rich quick internet multi-marketing program – wrong place. You need to come ready to take what you hear and apply it to your life and your business goals!

Bonus – you are allergic or otherwise have an adamant aversion to apples! – please just be careful here. You know your own health better than me – I am not a Doctor – Heck I’m not even Rick Springfield!

Now, if you are still reading you can do one of 3 things.

  1. Get over to Question the Rules (Affiliate Link) right now and check it out yourself
  2. Scroll to the bottom to go directly to my bottom line summary
  3. Lastly, if you have any interest in what I really think about the course read on

You still here? Ok, here we go; first a little about me to frame this review. I have a 15 plus year background running operations for a training company, building a brand and formatting course content. Additionally, I have purchased many books and listened to many business offerings; including a large quantity of Tony Robbins material, who I really enjoy, but have not always acted on, even though I agree with pretty much everything that he says.

When I am not involved in training, I am a writer, composer, video editor, story-teller and adventure rider motorcycle writer adventurehermit. So I take each of these facets of my life into consideration when reviewing Question the Rules.

In fairness, before I continue, I must tell you, I HAVE purchased Question the Rules and was able to get in when it was much less expensive; but more about that later.

Why did I buy it?

Quite simply I was attracted to the punk rock aspect. Also, one of the creators is named Johnny B. Truant, which is such a cool name. Coincidentally, I call my youngest daughter “Nya B”, which is also a cool name, so perhaps it was a subconscious buy.

Growing up I was more of a Kiss fan(yep that’s me!) than a punk fan, even though I did perform in an all acoustic bass ensemble version of the Sex Pistols Anarchy in the UK in college. So I figured I was not a complete poser.

Lee and Johnny instantly put me at ease as I began listening to the recordings. They quicklyexplained the mind set of punk rock vs. the music aspect. Hell, Willie Nelson’s name even gets dropped during the networking session!  Well placed Star F*cking. Put simply, it just felt right; which is hard to explain, but it is the best way to describe my purchasing experience.

Why did I almost NOT buy it?

I did not know who the hell Johnny B Truant or Lee Stranahan were before 2 weeks ago. Cool name aside, I was skeptical. There are a lot of programs to buy, not to mention a lot of really good free stuff out there. So parting with cold hard cash on someone I was not familiar with took a little bit of faith. Quick aside, there is a great section on FAITH in the QTR series.

As I mentioned above, I was able to buy QTR at a lower price than it is currently. But here is where I was hung up. I was prompted with a “buy now, before Saturday because the price is going up” message. This almost made me NOT buy it. I have seen other programs that say this and then the price does not go up and I feel tricked. This was not the case with QTR. The price DID go up, as promised. My wallet is glad I got in before the deadline. However, my soul would not hesitate to pay the current price, now that I see how great it is. Guys, if you are reading this, no need to send an invoice, the last sentence was strictly for emphasis.

What I can tell you is as of 5/17/10 it still costs less than the last set of Tony Robbins CD’s that I purchased; and for me has been far more effective.

What was odd?

Being an early adopter not all of the promised bonus materials were available right away. I was a little concerned but Johnny replied to an email very quickly. He assured me that he and Lee were on it and all would be available soon; “now shut up and look at all the other great stuff we HAVE posted!” (he didn’t actually say that last part – but he could have and he would have been right, there was a lot of great content to get started on)

As promised, everything was up in a couple of days. Personally, I would liked to have known in advance that everything was not ready. However, the customer service aspect more than quelled any concerns I might have had. Rather than making a lame excuse, Johnny was honest about being overwhelmed.  Monster bonus points there! Honesty Rules!

First Reaction

The audio quality was a bit on the low-fi side. At first, I was not sure if it was a nod to Punk Rock or simply the setting in which the recordings were done. There is background noise, breaks for beverages, even conversations that take place about what will be edited out before they release the recordings. At this point I am thinking to myself, “Self, are you not listening to the released product?”

As I continued to listen I realized the recordings were simply conversations over the internet between Lee, Johnny and the various people they interviewed. Hmmm? Where was my Tony Robbins perfect studio environment? As an audio guy I immediately made a squishy face (a term of my daughters, when I disapprove of something). But before I could google “Lee Stanahan and Johnny Rotten” I realized something. IT DIDN’T MATTER . . . AND . . . It might be better this way . . . it’s real!

All of my preconceived notions of perfection went out the window. Lee and Johnny were getting it done, and I was benefiting from listening to real world scenarios get worked out. They were not wasting time polishing something, they were making it happen and I was benefiting from it! A double bonus, in my opinion.

The sessions are perfect. I love that the network session blows away the myth of how to network. Something I have never been very comfortable with in traditional terms. Johnny and Lee break it down over 3 hours of very engaging discussion that makes networking more accessible than I ever imagined. Additionally, I learned it is not some foreign thing that I must go do in a vaccum. In fact, I am already unconsciously it. Now I need to see how to turn this unconscious behavior into something I can use productively.

Favorite Part

The fact that everything is recorded and I do not have to read it! I am busy, as I am sure most people who are interested in the program are. Being able to listen as opposed to plowing through hours of transcripts is excellent. The conversation aspect is simply the best. You listen to real dialogue as opposed to one person’s opinion.Even better Lee and Johnny do not always agree, offering contrasting opinionsor alternatives to each others ideas adds to the immediacy and the learning.

All the interviewers, that I have heard so far, are “doing something.” It is not pyramid scheme, where you send someone money to teach you how to get someone to send you money, etc. These folks are working their business and sharing their stories. Listening to people talk about their businesses rather than baiting me to send money the whole time has been breathtakingly refreshing! I cannot express how powerful this is, but, if you are reading this, I am sure you can relate.

The diversity of each interviewee and the hosts is also comforting. They do not work themselves into a paperbag. On the contrary they diversify and stay inspired. I am often involved in many things at once, but rarely meet other people who can relate. At times I have wondered if my diversity is a lack of focus. Now I can see it as a valuable way to stay sharp.

What would I like to see in the future?

First and foremost do not change it! PLEASE, do not start editing and cleaning up the interviews. I know this sounds like a punk band telling another band, “don’t play in tune or you won’t be punk,” but, don’t do it. The sessions are great as is! To change it would be to lessen the spontaneity and DIYpunk aspect that sets QTR apart from other programs.


The bottom line I purchased Question the Rules. In the week since I have owned it I have made more changes to my personal and business life then ever. I have been through much of  Tony Robbins materials and I believe his information is fantastic. It has helped me personally, but I could never successfully convert it to my business life. Some of what  Johnny and Lee have to say is similar to Tony’s approach and the guys give props to him throughout.

ADD MOMENT – Come to think of it I also use “Tony Horton’s” Beach Body workout videos (what is it with guys named Tony and motivation?) Maybe I should simply change my name to Tony and forget about trying so hard?


If you are ready to awaken your inner punk and take action in your life – then GET Question the Rules and get busy!

Yes the links throughout are affiliate links! And yes, I would appreciate if you click on them. If you do not want to; I understand. Well, not really, but I won’t hold it against you. Either way, do yourself a favor and go directly to the site, check it out, sign up and change your life!

<<nothing to see here, now get going and do something!>>

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Lately, I have taken to picking up trash from the street during my daily walks. I am not sure exactly how it started, but before I knew it, when I would get back to the office, my hands and pockets were beyond full. For the past two weeks I have continued to do this rather mindlessly, and somewhat neurotically as I tried to pick up everything that I would see.

Today ,however, was different. I woke up feeling very tired. Often a walk is just the thing to wake me up; so right before lunch I put the ipod on and headed out. I began to come across the usual pieces of trash; papers, cups, used cans, etc. However, as I went to the reach for the first one I hesitated and then passed over it. I rationalized it by saying it was cold and I needed to keep my hands in my pockets. But as I began passing by more trash, I became concerned. I felt like I was letting some unknown force down for not “doing my part.”

Where had my drive gone? Had I given up? Was it just a bad day or was I starting not to care? It turns out, it was none of these things, but more about that later. A little further on I saw a bottle. Suddenly and without hesitation I placed it in my pocket. A few moments later some scraps from an old box, then two paper cups, some soda cans, etc.

As I continued on I saw several more containers and pieces of garbage; but by now my hands were quite full. So what the heck does this have to do with Addiction with Purpose? Trust me I am getting there.

Today I learned that I cannot pickup all of the trash that I see on my daily walks. While I have been rationalizing not picking up trash at the ends of my walk because, my hands were full, I could not offer myself the same grace at the beginning of my walks. In turn, I would load myself up with trash early on and then I was left with no capacity as the walk went on.

Have you ever felt this way? You take on a whole bunch of trash only to find you have no room to do the things YOU really want?

In an instant, I saw the metaphor between picking up trash and taking on to many commitments. Often, I cannot say no to anything; even when I should. I keep taking on more and eventually I get paralyzed. Today, the garbage, taught me that perhaps it is ok to pass on occasion so I have room for later. Not everything that comes my way is right for me. Simply put, I need to stay true to my path.

It may sound simple, but this really was a revelation to me. It turns out by waiting I could pick up more things along the walk, by not being so burdened up front. I am taking what I have learned and after I finish typing this I am turning down an opportunity that has recently come my way. I am passing on income, but also the time consumption and stress of something that is not aligned with my path. In turn, I trust that I will be ready when the next right opportunity comes my way. Wish me luck and good luck to you, staying on your path!

admin on May 6th, 2010

I have attempted to this before, and perhaps you have too. Unfortunately, I love information. However, information is also distracting and time consuming. I have recently finished reading “The Alchemist” and I am an hour away from finishing Brida; both are amazing books by Paulo Coelho. This is a link to his official website. Not since Richard Bach’s ILLUSIONS, has a book or an author had such an impact on me.

I have been hooked. In his honor, I have taken to UNSUBSCRIBING to emails. This has been a difficult process. While I immediately delete or file, many of these messages, without reading them, it still felt like I was letting someone down by letting go. However, it continues to get easier and I enjoy having a lightened inbox.

I give the Credit to Paulo Coelho because in his Book BRIDA a character named Wicca instructs her student Brida to get rid of any clothes she does not wear, or start wearing all of them because everything in her wardrobe contains energy; and anything she does not wear is taking away from her overall energy capacity. I plan on getting rid of good amount of clothes soon too, but for now, I have taken to un-subscribing to email lists that zap my energy.

I encourage everyone to do the same and leave a comment on how this has left you with more time or if you feel less in touch by letting these tidbits go. As I said I have really struggled with this, but even after only a few days I am already feeling less “busy” and more in charge of my own destiny. Please share!

As Always the links in the posts are often affiliate links. They are here to help you and me. If something is of interest to you, please consider using the affiliate link as it helps me fund the blog. Thanks so much!

admin on March 31st, 2010

In this area I plan on reflecting on my personal history. My hope is by revisiting the road I have traveled so far, I can begin to see where or if I have really gotten off the proverbial track. I am a strong believer of “everything for a reason.” Because of this, I believe it is possible that while I may still be striving for more in my life, it is possible that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I refer to this phenomenon as the George Bailey Syndrome.

Like Jimmy Stewart’s character classic character in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” I long to travel; or in my case ROCK the world. However, also, like George Bailey, I married, my own version of Donna Reid who has her own dreams, which tend to stray less from home. Fortunately, like George, I have a wonderful family, including my wife, and to awesome little girls. But sadly, similar to George on his journey of self discovery, I have given in to frustration when I fail to see the beauty in my own life and surroundings. Broken banisters and incessant music has set me off too. But alas, like George when I do stop to see the beauty around me, I am one of the happiest people alive.

True Story: ADD Moment

As a kid, every year, I used to look forward to sitting down and watching “It’s A Wonderful life.” This was a big deal as it only ran once, sometimes twice a year. This was before you could view it anytime of day on a number of 24 hour marathons that dominate the airwaves immediately after Thanksgiving! DVDs did not exist yet and while it eventually became available on VHS, all I could find was the colorized version; please, do not even get me started on this most heinous of crimes!

 Why is this relevant? For one simple reason, but you must read on.  Since the movie was only shown once a year, and it often started later at night, I continually made a single monster flaw. After George jumped off the bridge and before he had his experience with Clarence, there would inevitably be a commercial break. It was right around this time that I would . . . fall asleep! Yep, fall asleep. Not once, but several times. For years I thought the movie ended with him jumping into the freezing water. There was no IMDB or Google to verify this, and I had no intention of actually asking anyone. Talk about conditioning at an early age.

 It was not until I was much older that I saw the movie in its entirety (not to be confused with the most excellent SNL “Lost Ending” ) However, even after knowing the full ending I still struggled with the movies simple message of being able to see the wonder that exists all around one’s self regardless of where you are.

While I had, and honestly still do have a crush on Donna Reid, I always blamed her for throwing her rock at the old house; and having her window breaking rock trump George’s dream. It is because of this that I can always tell how my mood is going to be at the holidays. In a good year I can relate to the value George brought to the people of Bedford Falls. However, if I digress into an argument with my wife regarding Mary’s responsibility for keeping George in Bedford Falls; then  I know I and those around me will have to suffer through some self pitying melancholy. This is usually accompanied by me pouting, hiding away in a room and strumming my guitar for hours thinking about how I should have been a rock star! Perhaps, I should get over it and write a song about it instead of complaining!

I am glad I can see the two sides of the story. I have been close enough to know that the other grass really isn’t greener just a different shade. While I have not yet fully reached acceptance in my own life regarding my contributions to my surroundings, I can sense that it is there. I am not sure my longing for “more” will ever entirely go away. I still long for adventures and traveling the world, and do so as often as possible. Now, however, I try not to be as disappointed when I have to return to my own Bedford Falls.

My two favorite movies of all time are It’s a Wonderful Life and Shawshank redemption; movies about prisons, faith, optimism and redemption. For this reason, I believe I will return to both of these subject matters often as the blog goes on. For those of you, who can relate, please enjoy, for the rest of you I hope I do not bore you too much. 🙂

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You have made it! And if this is the first post you are seeing, then it means you are faster than me. I am in the process of getting the site up and running. My next post will fully explain what Addiction with Purpose is and how you can get involved and help yourself and help others. Until then please keep an eye on my twitter posts at @addictionwp

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